24 April 2001

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We said farewell to the Old Nag’s Head with the SRFN All-Stars, a comprehensive selection from amongst the SRFN’s members.

The end of the ‘Heritage’ units! The team admires our train – more than 30 years younger than our previous transport!

What comfort!
The musicians appreciate the smooth ride of a Class 150.

Mmm! Are you sure that’s the right note? The Day family – ‘Daisy Chain’ – in pensive mood!

The old Stag’s head. This admirer, dashing to hear the music, put his head through the wall!

Keep your eyes on the feet! May’s clogging, on her borrowed board, was well received.

If you want to get
ahead . . . Ian with hat (and concertina!)

The string section; Paul, Malcolm and Ron.

The Master! 'Head -and-shoulders', as specified by SRFN’s News Letter editor.

Farewell to the Old Nag’s Head and Holly’s much appreciated bus.

Not the end of the Class 101s! A Glasgow reject put the bounce back into our homeward journey.

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