18 December 2001

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Borgeoise Zoo are very popular regulars on the Folk Train,
this time taking on the very hazardous Christmas spot!

The Rambler a sound man finds an excuse to get himself in the picture!

Where's 'make-up' with the powder puff? Pete gets a sweat on whilst Chris gives it all!

Andy, with matching shirt and guitar!

The sound crew unhappily ponder their efforts!

Dave hiding in the corner with his accordion.

Chris brandishes 'soft fruit' but appears to prefer the taste of the microphone!

For the hardened drinker; the essential microphone accessory!

Pete in pensive mood.

North Western Trains conductor brandishes his musical tie.

Braced against the sway - Dave hiding in the corner again!

Bourgeoise Zoo in full choral flow!

Pete gets into the Christmas spirit.

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