22 January 2002

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One-time All-Ireland bodhran champion, Ciarán Boyle
assembled an excellent band, including Pat Walker, whose present commitments
have prevented him from being booked on the train recently.

A good house for Ciarán's band, Dave on the left and Nick on the right.

Ciarán, Dave and Nick at
The Rambler. We were joined by Pat Walker (2nd left) at Hathersage.

Pat and Nick in pensive mood!

Ciarán demonstrates his prowess on the bodhran.

Ciarán explains a technical point (with the aid of Pat's pint!).

Winter woes! The punters crowd into the platform shelter for the return trip.

Dave provided some solid guitar backing throughout.

Pat (before he bailed out) and Nick brace themselves against the roll of the train.

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