26 February 2002

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Disaster struck as, for the first time since I've been running things, the outbound train had broken down.
With a 'special stop order' for Edale on the 1910 to Manchester Airport, we probably left a few
last-minute customers at Sheffield and left all our customers - and some of our performers - at Dore.
Apologies to all! The Dunkirk spirit prevailed and Pete and Ken, with the assistance of Pete Burnett,
gave us a memorable evening.

Last minute efforts to retrieve the situation for those at Dore.

Pete accompanies one of Ken's more thoughtful songs.

Pete and Ken struggle over the chorus of one of Pete Burnett's rousing sea songs.

A small but select audience!

Pete finds something to chuckle about!

Ken applies his stirring vocals to another song.

They actually sent us a train to go home on. Ken seems overcome by it all!

Plenty of room to spread out as Pete B gives us one more sea song.

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