23 April 2002

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For St. George's Day we needed a group who perform mainly English music and who better
than this young and highly talented group, who get better every time they appear.
Dazzling instrumentals and superb harmony singing.

The audience turns its backs on Crucible - not an ideal layout for our purposes.*

The army has pushed us out of our usual room. One of them compares the band's line-up to the Corrs!

The culprits - army trainees who turned up in Edale unannounced!

Family affair! The Davenports - Helena and Gavin.

Richard and Jess Arrowsmith with new man Mark on pipes.

The full line-up - Crucible, our St. George's Day band.

That's what a melodeon case is for! Class 142 has a more suitable layout.

One last song! Heading back to Sheffield in the dark.*

(* Note famous folklorist, Paul Davenport, with his eye glued to his new digital video camera!)

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