26 November 2002

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First time on the train for this all-female band. Excellent musicians
and singers who are in high demand far beyond the Sheffield area.
(including Sally Goldsmith, noted for her songs on rambling in the Peak District)

Wot, no train!!
The theme for the evening is set!

Somewhat late, the band strikes up at the Rambler.

Sally sings a selection of her Rambling songs, accompanied by her son Ewan.

Kathy adds a swing with her soprano saxophone.

Bob and Julie find something to laugh about - their 25th wedding anniversary!

Annie, in fine voice, . . .

. . . amuses the audience with
The Drunken Husband.

Another set from the band.

Sally and Kathy finish the session in the Rambler with a duet.

As promised, Kathy clogs on the station platform - the pub is carpeted!

No sign of a train (again!) so plenty of time for a session on the platform.

45 minutes late but everyone is still smiling!

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