25 February 2003

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Roger the Badger provided us with another evening of high quality folk music.
Triskele Sword added spice to the proceedings.

Pete fits under the rack but the double bass doesn't!

Much more room to manipulate a mandolin.

A packed, appreciative audience.

Cath on phono-fiddle.

Roger the Badger at
The Rambler under the watchful eye of stern gentleman!

Smiley faces and funny hats!

All change! Pete gives us a song as John wonders what to do with a flute . . .

. . . but eventually decides to take a bite out of it! trevor on bass.
Back to normal, Trevor with illuminated hat!

Still enthusiastic audience on the return trip.

Triskele Sword

Last minute adjustments for new-boy Mark.

Triskele take over the bar area of
The Rambler . . .

. . . and get into a spin!

Over she goes! The women take the strain.

Sad view from behind the bar! Not Triskele - the dry pumps, clips reversed!

Triskele take over platform 2 at Sheffield.

Trish takes control of over enthusiastic admirers.

Triskele Sword with Virgin Voyager.

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