22 April 2003

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Treebeard brought with them their usual enthusiastic following.
To add to the crush we were joined by a camera crew from Franco-German TV channel ARTE.

Train spotting! I spent Monday evening with the TV crew in Edale.

Chris exhibits his first hat whilst Paul helps with bass guitar fingering!

Paul and Chris in full flow!

Gordon gets in on the act after we squeeze him in at Dore.

Jasper on sound and Marcus on camera.

The low-down on Treebeard!

Treebeard in their natural environment?

Chris as Gandalf? Another funny hat.

Jasper and Marcus squeeze into the pub . . . and another hat in view!

Chris acknowledges the roar of the crowd on the platform.

You can't stop them! Another from Treenbeard whilst we wait for the train.

They're in there somewhere! A packed return train.

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