24 June 2003

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Sheffield City Morris brought out the biggest crowd I can remember.
(It might have been something to do with the weather!)

Look at those lines! SCMM shape up to each other.

Yogic flying! SCMM get airborn.

Monologue Wars 1. John wows them, as usual, with
George Wash'isname.

Ray and Melanie use the pub entrance as a sound board for a clog display.

One for the railway buffs! Class 60 against Lose Hill.

More airborn antics from SCMM in
Leapfrog. Pete looks impressed!

Monologue Wars 1I. New boy Kevin has them enthralled with
Yorkshire Pudding.

Sciorr in mufti. (Emily was worried about kicking off her shoe!)
Flashing sticks against an evening sky.

The band did us proud, as usual, especially on the train.

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