23 December 2003

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Bourgeoise Zoo brought out a large festive crowd and were very well received.
Just the ticket for a celebratory outing on the Folk Train!

An enthusiastic Conductor made sure everyone had a ticket..

Some young fans wait to get on board . . .

. . . whilst the band enjoy the cool night air.

Pete in festive mode.

A packed and enthusiastic audience.

Pete with an attentive audience..

The PA  helped to carry sound throughout the pub.

A very useful accessory for the determined singer-drinker!

John was an excellent stand-in for Chris, who was unavailable.

The old gentleman looks as though he's set off a sparkler!

Andy, with bass guitar but no matching shirt this time! (See December 2001)

Not another one of Pete!

The crew, who had all the  PA set up before we arrived. Thanks, lads.

Dave's corner!

Legs and Co go into their routine! (Crikey, aren't I old?)

Hand-jive from the ladies.

The band went walk-about on the train to keep the troops happy.

Andy makes up for the lack of PA on the train!

The bemused young woman, one of two people on the train as it arrived in Edale!

Determined party-goers.

Dave attacks the carols.

Mark - the unfortunate young man who thought he was having a quiet trip to Sheffield!

Pete and Andy in happy mode.

Pete wishing it was all over - "Is this Sheffield?"

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