26 October 2004

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On the eve of the Sheffield Folk Festival we gave Folk Train goers a selection of
some of the local singers, musicians and dancers who would take part in the Festival.

Jim MacDonald shows what a reserved person he is!

Big pals!  Jim and Dave Young.

Jim and Dave are accompanied by Trev on the double bass.

Journalism student Marc Gardner records the atmosphere.

A large and attentive audience on the train.

Jim, Dave and Trev at
The Rambler.

Tegwin gets in on the act!

Triskele take over the bar area.

How undignified - Cora caught mid- somersault.

Melanie and Ray's clogs sound well on the wooden floor.

A song from

Vicci also sang but I wasn't in position to record the event.

The suberb entertainment continued on the return journey.

I only wanted Ron to turn round for a picture whilst he sang!!!

Triskele find enough room to dance on the train.

Head down! Hard working  Triskele musician

Ray and Melanie have loads of room!

On the return   joined in on whistles.

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