20 December 2011

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With mid-December changes to the Hope Valley services giving us a longer train, it meant that our departure could no longer be from platform 2c so the train now departs from platform 7. What I hadn't realised was that the incoming train, instead of being timed to arrive about 40 minutes before our departure, it was now timed at a mere 8 minutes! Coupled with a few minutes late arrival, the largest group of performers in our programme and a very large audience, it created some chaos when Sheffield Folk Chorale and everyone else tried to board the train, all at the same time.

Nevertheless, choirmaster Graham managed to get the choir members more-or-less in the same area, on the train and in The Rambler, and we were treated to the usual magnificent harmonies as the choir sang a selection of his arrangements of unusual carols and Christmas songs.

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