Frequently asked questions

  1. How much does it cost?
  2. Where do we buy tickets?
  3. Are there any tickets left?
  4. Will there be room on the train?
  5. At what time does the train leave Dore?
  6. Can we book in advance?
  7. Are refreshments available on the train?
  8. Is food available at the pub?
  9. Are children welcome at the pub?
  10. Are there other Folk trains?


  1. The cost is the price of an ordinary day return to Edale which is around £7 from Sheffield, a little less from Dore.
  2. Buy your ticket at the ticket office in Sheffield or on-line at Northern Rail if you are boarding at Sheffield. Northern Rail have been known to mount a revenue protection exercise.
    Strictly speaking, if you board the train without a ticket  at Sheffield, you are liable to a substantial penalty fare. As it was, I understand  that those who bought their tickets from the revenue protection team had to pay more than they would have done at the ticket office. Apparently, this was because, in such circumstances, you can't purchase a discounted fare like the Day Return.
    If you are boarding at Dore or beyond, tickets can be bought from the conductor.
  3. As we travel on an ordinary local train there is no limit to the number of tickets except for the physical capacity of the train (which we have never reached!).
  4. We have never turned anyone away but occasionally it has been impossible to get everyone in the music coach.
  5. The train leaves Dore at 19:22.
  6. Yes, on-line at Northern Rail but it doesn't guarantee you a seat.
  7. No. It's only a little, local train.
  8. Food is available at The Rambler.See Folk Train Menu
  9. Children have always been welcome.
  10. Yes. There are a number of Folk Trains running from Manchester, including the the one to the Little John at Hathersage on the 2nd Saturday of the month . For more information see

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