Pictures from 1997 to 2000

Pat Walker has made several appearances on the folk train, each time gathering around him a number of outstanding musicians to perform his mainly ‘Celtic’ repertoire.

Patrick Walker and his band pose before boarding the train in Sheffield, in March 1997.



Collecting fares and checking tickets to a musical accompaniment - Pat Walker's band and North West Trains' conductor!



Pat Walker's band perform at The Rambler, Edale.


For the last Edale Rambler 'Folk Train' of 1999 Sheffield City Carollers stepped into the breach after two other local carol groups were unable to take part.

Sheffield City Carollers perform local carols at The Rambler, Edale before singing their way back to Sheffield on the train, on 19 December, 1999.


Jim MacDonald and Mike Wild are regular performers at The Harlequin on Stanley Street. They will make a welcome return to the Folk Train - with friends! - during 2001.

Jim MacDonald's powerful Hibernian tones are not challenged by the more subdued environs of a Class 142,
on 25 April, 2000.


Sheffield City Morris have been regular summer performers on the Folk Train, providing the lively blend of music, dance, monologue and song which has taken them to many important international festivals.

Sheffield City Morris - with yours truly centre-frame - play and sing their way back to Sheffield on the train,
on 27 June, 2000. [Photo: Richard Watkinson]



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