24 January 2012

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Without Jenny on accordion, Toein' in the Dark overcame the accoustic problems on the train with some powerful vocals from Carmel and Andy and fine fiddle playing (as well as other instruments) by Bob. Much appreciated by a very responsive audience.

28 February 2012

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I missed Jack's Rake last time they appeared - it was just after my knee operation - so I was quite pleased to have them on board again and I wasn't disappointed.

27 March 2012

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It was announced that our train was expected at 19:58 so we adjourned to the Sheffield Tap. Jess & Richard's performance started there. It was later announced as expected at 20:14 - its natural 'slot' - so we stayed in the Tap a little longer - and left Edale on the 23:02.

24 April 2012

With the train sticking more closely to the timetable than last month, BellaRoots gave us their usual foot-stomping Cajun rhythms. No dancing in the aisle - not enough room really - but there was some hand-clapping.

22 May 2012

First time on the Folk Train for Albert's Skiffle Band and what an impression they made! They enjoyed themselves too and it's certain they'll be booked again.

26 June 2012

Hardly the first time on the Folk Train for Sheffield City Morris! It's a bit of an indulgence of mine to book them every year in June, to herald the summer.

24 July 2012

The last time Feet First were on the Folk Train was 10 years ago! Why did I wait so long to have them again? Some superb music on the train and entertaining dance displays at The Rambler.

28 August 2012

Our old friends Scuppered took over the Folk Train whilst I was on holiday and reported what a great time they'd had. Thanks to Mary Gray for the pictures.

25 September 2012

Wholesome Fish's line up varies a little when they appear  because the full band would be difficult to get on the Folk Train. This time we had Beth on fiddle - quite a treat.

28 October 2012

I was away again so I missed Folk Train first-timers  Keith Kendrick and Sylvia Needham but thanks to Ron and Jenny Day for taking over and providing the pictures.

28 November 2012

Our old friends The Down Trodden String Band had their full line-up this time, with Stuart being back from his annual pilgrimage to the USA.

18 December 2012

Crazy Crow took on the Festive Season Folk Train this time and gave us a night to remember - particularly the seasonal, participatory session on the return trip.


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