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22 January 2013

There was a very small turn-out, no doubt due to the adverse weather conditions, but the evening was still a success and those who braved the elements enjoyed really impressive vocal and instrumental performances from Dogwood Rose.

26 February 2013

Yorkshire Tea Bags struggled a bit on the Class 156 to Edale but they said how exciting they thought it was and even offered themselves for future appearances. Fortunately the return trip was the usual Class 142. The audience was really appreciative and very responsive when the band enncouraged their participation. 

26 March 2013

Strings and Reeds play regularly for ceilidhs, with their caller Mike Tissington. Mike hasn't been with them on the Folk Train before but he appeared this time, adding some excellent songs to their much appreciated performance.

23 April 2013

Not only did we have TUOS Folk, with their highly skilled and entertaining presentation at The Rambler but, gathering on the station platform, were several performers who turned out to be the University Ceilidh Soc who made a valuable contribution to the evening's entertainment,

28 May 2013

One of the biggest audiences we've ever had gave their appreciation to Jim McDonald's powerful vocals and guitar playing and his friends, Winkie Thinn (accordian and ukelele) and Dave Notman (mandolin, mouth organ and whistle), who both made a magnificent contribution.

25 June 2013

Sheffield City Morris and their guests Sheffield Celebrated Clog Dancers made a big impression on a highly appreciative audience. The evening was enhanced by the hoped-for, decent weather.

23 July 2013

With the threatening weather - thunder rolling around Sheffield and a downpour as we proceeded up the Hope Valley - we were very lucky when we arrived at Edale. We were able to enjoy the al fresco performance we had hoped for from Handsworth Sword Dancers.

27 August 2013

A fantastic evening, with one of the biggest audiences ever, very acceptable weather and, judging by the many complimentary remarks made to me, highly appreciated traditional jazz from The New Orleans Strollers.

24 September 2013

A great start to the Autumn programme, with Jess and Richard Arrowsmith and their friends from Pecsaetan Morris. As well as adding to the musical line-up on the train, Pecsaetan gave us an entertaining dance display.

22 October 2013

Vertical Expression gave a much appreciated demonstration of their specialisation in contra dance music, as well as some delightful songs from Margaret, who also played double bass.

26 November 2013

I'd heard that Albert hadn't been too well so I was very pleased that he appeared to be quite fit and fully able to demonstrate his amazing percussion, harmonica and step dancing contributions to Albert's Skiffle Band's entertaining performance.

17 December 2013

First time on the Folk train for the Grenoside Carollers who, with their string quartet, provided a most interesting and enjoyable evening, along with the first appearance at The Rambler of the Grenoside Sword Dancers.


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