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28 January 2014

Bernard Cromarty effectively demonstrated why he is the only solo performer I ever book. He proved that the power of his personality, vocal and instrumental talents more than make up for the lack of numbers.

25 February 2014

We coincided with Stuart's return from his residence in the USA but Trefor was unable to attend. However The Down Trodden String Band performed well as a trio with the usual highly entertaining Folk-Americana mix of string band music from the Appalachian Mountains and fine harmony singing.

25 March 2014

After my accident I was dismayed to miss the first appearance of Grinah on the Folk Train. Fortunately my regular assistant, Mike Rose, was there with my volunteer replacement, Ron Day, who had been active before as Folk Train organiser and both reported an excellent evening, from the point of view of musicians and audience.

22 April 2014

Following my accident in early March I was delighted to be fit enough to restart my usual activities for the return of Jack's Rake. They made the usual stirring appearance with their renowned vibrant mix of styles, creating a fantastic presence for both music and song.

27 May 2014

With Scuppered we were extremely happy to welcome back Pete, Andy, Dave and John for a superbly entertaining mix of traditional folk, 60’s pop, contemporary folk, Country, Scottish dance and and some of their own innovative material, with their enthusiasm and humour.

24 June 2014

With good weather, Sheffield City Morris and their friends Sheffield Celebrated Clog Dancers provided an encouraging and admirable start to Summer with their usual multitalented displays - and I partook, of course, in the aftermath of my accident!
Thanks to Stuart Barkworth for his pictures.

22 July 2014

Feet First made their first official appearance on the Folk Train since 23 July 2002. However, their captivation of the very large al fresco audience emphasised what a pity it was that I hadn't thought to book them again in the intervening period.

26 August 2014

Treebeard, one of our long standing regular groups of perfomers, gained the benefit in the past of being one of the most regularly requested bands and proved the point, on this occasion, by having one of the most intensively packed audiences.

23 September 2014

Cocklebread made their first appearance on the Folk Train for the highly acclaimable purpose of raising money for St. Luke's Hospice. Jim, leader of the band, was the principle vocalist who presented an admirable range of songs, many of them American, and proclaimed how much he enjoyed the event and appreciated related atmosphere.

28 October 2014

Crazy Heart stepped in to perform for us after Yorkshire Tea bags Skiffle Group were forced to withdraw. We were grateful, not only for their offer to take over at short notice, but also for what turned out to be the magnificent and stirring qualities of their performance.

25 November 2014

The Rambler informed us that they had a power cut, so couldn't accomodate us, As a result, Strings and Reeds had to perform at The Little John, Hathersage. However,  it proved a comfortable and enjoyable evening.

23 December 2014

With only a proportion of the full choir, of course, we were still treated to an impressive presentation of unusual carols and other Christmas songs, once Graham had organised his choir members into the available spaces on the train and, as before, in the bar space of The Rambler.


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