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27 January 2015

After expecting the Folk Train, as usual in January, to be far from overcrowded, I was very surprised (and happy) to find the followers with Dogwood Rose to be considerably more numerous than in the same month of recent years.

24 February 2015

A welcome return for Robin Garside and the Sheffield Traditional Fiddlers Society. The number of fiddlers was somewhat fewer than previously in March 2011 but there were enough to overcome the background noise on the train and instead of having to assemble outside the pub on a chilly winter evening they were able to accomodate themselves in the usual indoor spot.

24 March 2015

A very welcome return for our long-time favourites, the Down Trodden String Band. As usual they gave us a great evening. In the past they have presented us with performances from Well Heeled Appalachian Dancers but this hasn't occurred for a while. This gives us more opportunity to concentrate on the remarkable musicianship and harmonious voices of the band.

28 April 2015

Another privileged appearance of TUOS Folk, following their first one two years ago. Again they were accompanied by volunteers from the  University's Ceilidh Soc who did the excellent job of performing in a second coach, there and back on the train, ensuring that the audience wasn't obliged to attempt to squeeze into one coach.

26 May 2015

The second appearance of Grinah on the Folk Train. I wasn't present on the last occassion as it was just after the occurence of my traumatic accident last year. I was very pleased to see Dave Markham and Chris Barber who first appeared in the early years on the Folk Train with the band Crazy Crow. Fiddler Pete Hart was a later added performer with Crazy Crow.

23 June 2015

Sheffield City Morris Men appeared, as in previous years, with their friends Sheffield Celebrated Clog Dancers. As usual, the response of the audience to all our presentations confirmed a very positive response to the entertainment provided in terms of music, song and dance and, of course, the reasonable weather greeting the start of summer was much appreciated.

28 July 2015

We had another phase of decent weather in addition to our luck in welcoming the reappearance of  Feet First for the second time in recent years. Their excellent musicians entertained us on the train, including Ian who played melodeon on the train and danced at The Rambler. The dancers captivated the large al fresco audience at The Rambler, assisted by the decent weather.

25 August 2015

When Yorkshire Teabags Skiffle Band were due to apppear last year, they had to withdraw because one of their members had a very desperate medical diagnosis. This time we very lucky to feature them again and very grateful that they had been able to restore their ability to create the entertaining performance we had before. They felt it was a really good night and had never seen the pub so full.

22 September 2015

Although Skiffle Show were basically a theme continuation from last month, this was their first appearance on this Folk Train (they've created an impact on one from Manchester) for DH Lawrence & The Vaudeville Skiffle Show. They were described as; " a breath of fresh air in a crowded musical marketplace ... with their subtle mix of traditional British Folk Music and Bluegrass, and an emphasis on witty Americana-flavoured lyrics"

27 October 2015

It was Backyard Buskers first appearance on the Folk Train and I was very pleased to have them, following their invitation for me to view them at Hagglers Corner. Fortunately we were blessed with the notification that  banjo player Jane had recovered from her disabling infection which, a few days before, I had been told would rob them of notable banjo accompaniment and 3 part voice harmonies.

24 November 2015

Cocklebread made their second charity appearance on the Folk Train. On this occasion the idea was to raise money on behalf of Oxfam, under the direction of  Oxjam, an annual charity festival organisation. It was a delight that the collection slightly exceeded the amount they previously collected.

22 December 2015

It was one of the usual worthy Festive Season appearances of Scuppered on the Folk Train and it was very pleasant to see them again, especially in their Santa Claus hats. It was also a delight for the audience to have Carol booklets distributed for their participation on the return journey.


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