The Folk Train runs on the fourth Tuesday of each month (not necessarily the last Tuesday!).

Departure is from Sheffield, platform 7 (but please check the departure board) at 7:14pm and returning on the 9:28pm from Edale.

Ring 0114 266 9532 (ask for Gerry) for further Sheffield - Edale Folk Train information.
(But before ringing try the Folk Train FAQ)

Artists are subject to confirmation but this list will be updated
tba – to be announced      tbc – to be confirmed
24 January 2017
Dogwood Rose
Another welcome back for the band which, in recent Januarys, had a bigger audience than in previous Januarys. They make regular appearances around the city and in North Derbyshire. I was introduced to them, by invitation, at a Sheffield pub. Describing their music as folk/Americana, they also include some traditional English songs.
28 February 2017
Crazy Heart - tbc
We have been grateful to Crazy Heart, on their previous appearances, for their offers to take over at short notice for another band which had been forced to withdraw, and also for the magnificent and stirring qualities of their performance. Again we can expect a most outstanding evening of vocal and instrumental presentations, with guitar, bass, banjo, ukeleles, flute, whistle and percussion.
28 March 2017
Formed in 2012, the University of Sheffield Folk Group has worked with a number of renowned folk performers, particularly Fay Hield, to explore traditional music and the ways it can be performed. They may present vignettes of their work over the last year interspersed with session tunes. Feel free to bring along your instruments and voices to join in with the choruses and session elements. There will be something for everyone, and definitely a gig to remember for these students.
25 April 2017
Downtrodden String Band
A longstanding favourite Folk Train performers and they always satisfy us with their quality and style. As usual,  we can expect from them some highly entertaining Folk-Americana - string band music from the Appalachian Mountains with some fine harmony singing.
23 May 2017
Strings and Reeds
Another welcome return for Clare, Brian and Phil who play Scottish, Irish and English music for dancing - if there's room in the aisle! - on button accordion, piano accordion and fiddle, interspersed with some fine vocals..
27 June 2017
Sheffield City Morris
once again, Sheffield City Morris and their guest performers are the heralds of summer, bringing us their world famous and entertaining mix of music, song and dance, well suited to an al fresco performance on a balmy summer evening. Fingers crossed for decent weather, in view of last year's problem!